Year 4 get Shakespearean!

Last year Year 5 performed Richard III live on stage at the West Yorkshire Playhouse as part of WYP Primary Players Shakespeare festival. It was an amazing achievement and both staff and students had a great time. So much so... that we are doing it again!

The Primary Players are back this year working with Year 4. Like last year, our Year 4s will be working with three other primaries in Leeds to perform a full-scale, collaborative production of Romeo and Juliet.

For the last two Mondays, Year 4 have been getting to grips with the Shakespearean classic, reading through the script and developing the characters. Class 9 and 10 have been doing very well learning the old-fashioned language used in the play, carefully going through every line to understand what all of the words mean. They learnt new words like toil, misadventure and star-crossed, and that's just in the prologue!

The students were split in to small groups and were each given a line from the prologue, they then had to create a tableau to explain what was happening in their line. 

A tableau is a group of models or motionless figures representing a scene from a story

Then they took it in turns to show the rest of the class what they had thought of. This helped the students start to think about how they can act out their scene in the final play.

After half-term the production's director will be coming in to the Academy to start staging the show, and help the students start acting our their lines. 

You can see alots more photos from the rehearsal here

We'll be following Year 4 along this journey and you can keep up to date with it here on the website.