To The Poles! Science day at Oakwood

British Science Week started on Friday, and in celebration we decided to make it our Science Day!

The day started off with a workshop in the Hall with Ms Andrews, where the students and teachers learnt all about climate change and global warming. We all learnt that global warming is a big problem, because greenhouse gases are covering the Earth like a big, toasty blanket. But this blanket isn't a good one because it's keeping the Earth so warm that the ice caps are melting on both sides, leaving all the penguins and polar bears without anywhere to live! 

Ms Andrews had planned lots of activities throughout the day all about the changes that are happening in the Arctic and Antarctic. In Literacy the students wrote poems using kennings, which is an object described in a two-word phrase. Class 10 wrote theirs about Polar Bears, using kennings like 'meat eater', 'swift swimmer' and 'fast runner'. 

The whole school also took part in a challenge to build rafts that could carry the Polar Bears to safety in the melting Arctic Circle. Students worked in groups or on their own to design and build the best raft they could. They then took them outside to test them on the water, adding more and more plastic blocks until the rafts couldn't hold anymore. Everyone had the same materials to use, but every raft was different...and some worked better than others! The activity was a great way to get thinking and talking about what else we can do to help the World we live in. 

Here at Oakwood we pride ourselves on being Global Citizens and this means caring not only about the other people in the world, but all the animal and plants that are here with us too. This was just the start of Science Week, and we have much more planned here at Oakwood, so stay tuned!