Colleague Recognition Event 2017

Last Thursday was the 3rd annual Colleague recognition event at Angel Square the Co-op headquarters in Manchester. 

It's night where colleagues from all across the Trust come together to recognise the amazing work being done across the academies. 

Each academy nominated an individual or group for the recognition awards based off of our Co-operative values. 

Our nominations were;

Democracy: The Inclusion Team provides oppurtunity for our students to gain an understanding of democracy in a real life context. This begins with the democratic process of the students applying for the School Council or the Global Committee. Members of the group take on responsibilities like meeting and greeting visitors to the academy and helping the Head of School. 

Openness and Honesty: Our Office staff her at the school are amazing. They act in a professional and respectful manner with parents and visitors on a daily basis. Their patience is relentless, facing challenges with a smile as well as listening and responding to the diverse demands from the frontline. 

Equity and Equality:The Pastoral team is a new team created to provide behaviour and nurture support for our pupils and includes providing individual care and support for our most vulnerable pupils. The team has built positive relationships with pupils across the academy and this extra support is helping our pupils to value their education and dvelop social and emotional skills that are improving self-belief and resilience in the classroom. 

Social Responsibility: Our Pupils' Voices Team encourage pupils to speak out, to question and find solutions to improve our world. Oppurtunities come from the School Council, Global Committee, Enterprise Club, Art Club and Speakers Club. Pupils are developing a wide range of skills linked to collaborative learning and problem solving. Focusing on current issues such as Fairtrade, the environment and diversity, pupils are able to use a variety of ways to communicate their thoughts and ideas. 

Caring for Others: We nominated our Sports Coaches for their committment to providing pupils with an oppurtunity to be active and enjoy fitness activities after school.  They encourage pupils to develop interests in sport, offering two boys and girls football teams. Inter-school football matches are played to allow our students to compete, and this is something our students take great pride in. We have a growing number of pupils who are new to the UK participating in these activities. 

Solidarity: Our KS1 team here at Oakwood demonstrated true solidarity in December when children from the four classes perfromed Children of the World. The nature of the performance reinforced our values and beliefs in international learning. It also required a team approach to produce the vast range of cultural objects and costumes, teach the songs and oversee rehearsals. And despite half the cast being struck down with chickenpox, the team stayed positive and worked together to produce a wonderful performance. 

Self-help and Self-responsibility: Here at Oakwood we have some amazing long serving staff who have been with us for over 20 years! They have consistently demonstrated dedication and commitment to Oakwood and irs community. Not only have the helped generations of families to recieve the best start to school life, they have also gone above and beyond their roles to make new staff feel welcomed. The care they give to our students have not waivered and the team remain open-minded, resilient and positive to embrace changes we face in the world of education.

A massive well done to everyone nominated, both here at Oakwood and at our sister academies. It is the work that these people do that keeps us going and allows for all the amazing things we can do. 

Thank you for your support, commitment and hard work!