Class 7 take a walk on the slightly wilder side.

Last week Class 7 took a trip to a far off Tropical World... well when we say far-off, we mean Roundhay!

Class 7 got to see all kinds of creatures and plants that usually only exist on the other side of the world. 

The Butterfly House has over 40 varieties of butterfly and has Koi carp and turtles in the pond. The students also go to see Meerkats, canaries, finches and other animals, plants and species from South Africa and the Americas in the Desert House.

And the trip didn't stop there! In the Amazon tank Class 7 got to see all kinds of tropical fish, including the biggest in the world- the Niger Catfish. 

From tumbling waterfalls to humid rainforests, Class 7 got to experience it all. It was a great experience for them to get close to nature that usually exists so far away.