Mrs Speak Goes to eTwinning Conference in Athens

As part of her role as British Council Ambassador Mrs Speak was invited to spend the half term holiday in Athens, at the annual eTwinning conference.

The conference focus was on eTwinning and digital citizenship.  eTwinning is the community for schools in Europe. The initiative by the European commission aims to encourage European schools to work together, using ICT.

Mrs Speak said: “The conference acted as a great opportunity to network and develop strategies to help vulnerable groups to engage and participate in their own learning. At Oakwood we value global relationships with other schools, and through eTwinning we are able to improve our school with a European perspective.

 It is so important that educators strive to ensure that children show respect for others and treat each other with compassion. There is no avoidance, we are part of a digital society. We have an obligation to equip our children with the tools they need to feel safe and confident online.”

Digital citizenship is a concept for our age and most people have an identity in the online world. The conference explored how together we can raise the capabilities of the schools of today, to be prepared for the digital future of tomorrow.

Mrs Speak was able to give a presentation at the Teach Meet to discuss how eTwinning can support our most vulnerable pupils and promote a sense of well-being.  Her aim is to encourage collaboration between European schools and share best practice.

Oakwood is a mini world, full of global citizens and active digital citizens who; participate, are proactive, reflective and creative in their own learning.  Children at Oakwood have a real sense of engagement with issues around inclusion, migration and environmental protection.