Class 9 Give World Animal Day Assembly

Class 9 held an assembly for World Animal day this morning.

Year 4 have been doing some research into endangered species, and some work around their favourite animals, to show off all of the brilliant facts they have found, the class gave an assembly to Key Stage 2.

“I care about animals because they make me happy, I have a chameleon and a turtle, I feed my turtle turtle pellets and make sure I turn its heater on.”

“Dogs are amazing, they are my favourite animal because they are so smart. When you are blind they can see for you.”

“I care about animals because they are friendly and nice, some are wild and some are not, but we must be kind to them all.”

Class 9 were also able to teach us about organisations which help animals, like the dogs trust and WWF. Do you know how many African elephants are killed by hunters each year? We guessed; 40, 1400, 81,000, 50,000 and 70,000. Class 9 were able to tell us that an enormous 100,000 elephants are needlessly killed each year.

See the pictures attached for some photos of our work.