Key Stage 2 European Day of Languages

The European Day of Languages is a time to celebrate the 6,000+ languages spoken around the world, promote language learning and have some multilingual fun!

Oakwood is a mini world- in our school we have over 50 languages spoken! This week we have been celebrating the European day of languages in school with a big assembly in Key Stage 2.

We were on a mission to find out how many European languages are spoken in KS2. We looked at a map of Europe and children were able to list 13 countries where they had family.

Mrs Speak said: “My mission is to answer this question, how many languages do you think are spoken in Europe?” We guessed 26, 20, 35 and 70. But there are over 225 indigenous languages spoken in Europe.

Mrs Speak asked: “How many European languages are spoken at Oakwood? This is live research - never been done before.”

We were able to list; Czech, Spanish (which we all speak), Russian, Latvian, Romanian, Polish, German, Italian, Slovakian, French, Albanian, Lithuanian and Russian. We have 13 European languages, not including English, spoken across our school!

To round off our assembly, we learnt and performed a Slovakian song.

“Ahoj, cau cau
Ako sa mas
Mam sa vel’mi dobre