Year 5 Hit the Stage at West Yorkshire Playhouse

Year 5 have been rehearsing all term, ready to hit the stage at the West Yorkshire Playhouse in a performance of Shakespeare’s Richard III.

The Year 5 children have had the opportunity to work in partnership with West Yorkshire Playhouse and three other schools across Leeds to create a full-scale collaborative Shakespeare production.

The production of Richard III has tied in with work around Shakespeare in the literacy curriculum and encouraged the development of arts in school.

The children did a fantastic job representing Oakwood at the playhouse, delivering their lines perfectly. Our Year 5 students were tasked with performing the last act, so when all 250 children came together on stage at the end, we were able to deliver the fatal blow to Richard III!

Students from Year 6 have been able to trace the journey of the whole project with film maker Craig Lawson, which we hope to showcase soon.