International Oakwood Diversity Assembly

This month Oakwood held its first International Oakwood Diversity Assembly.

The whole school assembly celebrated the unique and varied tapestry of cultures that make up our academy.  Many children came in traditional dress and had created posters, pictures, figurines, presentations and routines to share with their peers.

The assembly started with class 14S talking about their cultural heritage, and a bit about their country of origin, including national sport and national dish.

Next we were on to a fusion of India and Bangladesh with a dance routine entirely choreographed by girls in Year 5, followed by someone with something to share. Izmir told us about a poster she had made of people with different and similar backgrounds.

A group of children performed Wordsworth’s poem Daffodil, with some of the children’s grandparents also joining in the recital.

Head of School Jo Speak said: “we are a mini world here at Oakwood and everybody has been involved in our assembly. The nice thing about today is the sharing of opportunity – we have worked together to celebrate our diversity and embrace our similarities.”

All students played an active role in the assembly, from creating a flag, to learning a song it was a great way to get together and share in the cultures that make up our academy.