Oakwoods' Resident Photographer Holds an Exhibition

Our Foundation Stage photographer held an exciting exhibition of her work for staff, parents and students.

The exhibition, complete with sparkling water, carrots and hummus (very high brow), was held in Reception on Friday.  Dianna, the photographer in question, has been taking photographs since she could hold a camera.

The exhibition followed Dianna’s photography to date, including photos taken on trips to the nearby flats, in the school playground and further afield.  Dianna’s class teacher said: “Dianna had been interested in the flats near school, so during a trip there Dianna was straight to work with the iPad, snapping away from lots of different angles.  Dianna enters her learning with such calmness and responsibility, and during the trip acted as a sensible role model for the nursery children, even inspiring them to take their own photographs!”

Dianna is fascinated by the sky especially on clear, sunny days and loves to share her photographs with friends.  Dianna said: “I take photos of the sky because it’s beautiful, I can take photos on the iPad, phone and camera - look at my pictures, they’re beautiful!”

Keen to prepare photographs she had taken for an exhibition, Dianna created invitations to her friends, and a special invitation to her mother and sisters, who beamed with pride as they observed the exhibition.  The young photographers mum said: “Dianna is such a cleaver girl, I love to see her pictures. She’s so interested in photography and takes pictures all of the time at home.”

The success of the exhibition demonstrates the importance of nurturing children’s interests from a young age, something we pride ourselves on here at Oakwood.  Well done Dianna, keep on snapping!