Enterprise Club Presents Fairtrade Assembly

Our Fairtrade poster competition came to an end today with a school assembly presented by the Enterprise Club.

Enterprise club have been working hard to promote Fairtrade values and produced a presentation for the school to show in assembly.  Along with a poem about Fairtrade, students also re-enacted the life of a farmer and plantation owner, gave details about the importance of Fairtrade and some hard hitting facts and figures.

Did you know for every banana sold, the farmer receives one pence, compare that with the retailer who receives thirteen pence and things don’t seem too fair. 

Enterprise club asked students to pick from; worker, plantation owner, shipper, wholesaler and retailer, who worked the hardest and therefore deserved the most amount.  An overwhelming majority agreed that the farmer should be paid more per banana, and one pence was not representative of their contribution.

As part of Fairtrade fortnight Oakwood students took part in a poster competition, an overwhelming number of posters were created and the high standard made judging very difficult!

Posters were judged by how; eye catching, factual and informative they were.  Winners won a Fairtrade Easter egg, kindly donated by our Sponsors at the Co-operative Group, runners up won bags of mini eggs and everyone who took part in the competition received a Fairtrade sticker!

Well done to all students who took part, and a special thank you to Enterprise Club for passing on what they had learnt about Fairtrade to other students.