World Book Day Fun at Oakwood Primary Academy

This week we’ve been celebrating World Book Day!

The day began with a whole school assembly given by the Fantastic Mr Fox and The Gruffalo, aso known as Ms Ingram and Ms Speak! In the audience were hundreds of book characters from Annie, Charlie Bucket, Tinkerbell, Ironman and everything in between!

Through-out the day students have taken part in a range of book related activities, including book reviews, illustrations and reading! We even managed a school Wake up Shake up session, in full costume! We didn’t have our usual teachers, teaching in Oakwood today has been; Dinosaurs, Mr and Mrs Twit, Miss Trunchball, Oompa Loompas and even Willy Wonka himself!

It’s great to see everyone make such an effort in aid of reading.  We can’t wait to hear about the great books our children buy with their £1 book token.  A lovely company called Genesis Labels created a woven bookmark with our school logo on for every child, so there will be no more forgetting which page we had read up to!

See above for some pictures of our World Book Day Parade.