Oakwood Presented with Equity and Equality Award

This week the eight schools which form the Co-operative Academies Trust gathered together for a recognition evening.

The event held at 1 Angel Square in Manchester recognised the achievements of our entire school community, from staff, to parents and everyone who makes up the tapestry of our academy.

The academies were judged on their commitment to; Equity and Equality, Self-help and Self-responsibility, Democracy, Openness and Honesty, Solidarity, Caring for Others, Social Responsibility and a special Pioneers’ Award was given.

Oakwood was presented with the Equity and Equality Award.  The formation of a new EAL team, whose priority has been to give support to our ‘new to the UK’ students.  The team have encouraged and valued students’ home language, developing a series of learning opportunities on personal social and emotional skills, including feeling safe and learning to value our diverse school and locality, in addition to the teaching of English.

Thank you for your continued support, we look forward to seeing the impact of our on-going efforts.