International School Award from the British Council

We are young Citizens of the World!

It’s been an exciting week for Oakwood Primary Academy.  The Academy has achieved the intermediate level International School Award from the British Council.

The award recognises commitment to developing internationalism. It recognises our drive to increase cultural awareness, promotes positive global attitudes and provides opportunity to share education practices through working with other schools across the globe.

To gain the coveted award Oakwood successfully accomplished a number of activities which tie into promoting internationalism.  After completing a five words project with our Mexican partnership school Colegio American de Tabasco, students from both areas voted for five words to represent their school and five words to represent their locality.  Artwork was produced by both to reflect these chosen words and sent to one another to form a share exhibition.

The use of art was a great way to communicate our differences through a medium which could easily be understood by those who do not speak the same language.  Staff members involved thought that this project, “promoted diversity well”, students were able to look upon their own life experiences before finding out about others in a celebratory way.

Head of School Jo Speak was beaming with pride when she spoke of the award: “It’s fabulous to be recognised for our international work, and promotion of languages through-out the school.  It’s a great lesson to the students that hard work and determination are vehicles for success.”

Although Spanish is taught weekly across Key Stage 2, we aim to expose all students at Oakwood to some language and cultural experience, for example, learning a simple Spanish song. We also include our Mexican partnership school, when appropriate, in learning activities in other subjects.

In addition to our work in Mexico Oakwood also have a partnership school in Senegal, Senegalese American bi-lingual school, a relationship in its very early stages.

Students from Oakwood art club created self-portraits with items of identity in the images.  At this early stage we have started to look at our own environment and compare it with environmental issues in Senegal: A country which does not currently feature in our curriculum.   The partnership is creating an excellent opportunity to extend our knowledge of the world.

The next step for Oakwood is to submit evidence to gain full accreditation, which we are confident will be celebrated in the very near future!