Opening hours

Breakfast Club is free and opens at 8 am.

Doors open at 8:45am. for all children

Nursery Sessions

Morning session - every morning 8.45am -11.45am
Afternoon session - every afternoon 12.00pm -3.00pm
First half - All day Mon and Tue and Wed morning, until 11.45am.
Second half -Wed pm (12 noon) and all day Thur and Fri.


How to Find us

Oakwood Primary Academy
North Farm Road
Tel:   0113 240 2526
Fax : 0113 249 6642


Class teachers are available at the beginning and end of the day and try to spend time with parents. However, time can be limited. If you have something important you wish to discuss with your child’s teacher please ask to make an appointment.

If you wish to speak to somebody else, the following people may be able to help you.

Headteacher Miss Rebecca Ingram                                              
Head of School Mrs Jo Speak
Assistant Headteacher Mrs M Birdsall (Foundation Stage)
Assistant Headteacher Mrs S Tasker (Years 1, 2 and 3)
Family Support Co-Ordinator Mrs K Jones
Admissions and Attendance Officer Mrs J Dodds